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Debt financing

Alma is a French buy-now, pay-later platform. The company is aimed at micro-businesses and SMEs. It provides an alternative to traditional consumer loans and allows merchants to protect their cash flow. In addition, it offers a payment solution for any retailer. Currently, Alma works with more than 6,000 merchants in all industries.

The transaction volume of Alma exceeds one billion euros each year. This is in line with changing consumer shopping habits. Moreover, Alma is expanding its product range by developing its mobile app and longer-term financing options. Besides, the company is hiring 250 new employees. To support its expansion, Alma is acquiring EUR17 million in debt financing.

A new round of funding is set to help the French startup to expand in the European market. The Series C will be made up of EUR115 million equity and EUR95 million in debt. Investors in the round included GR Capital, Roosh Ventures, Tencent, Seaya Ventures, and Eurazeo Ventures. These funds are used to expand the services of Alma in Europe and to establish Alma in new markets. Ultimately, the company plans to provide BNPL solutions to more than 270 million consumers in Europe.

Alma has already established itself as a leader in the split payment solutions in France. Having acquired a significant amount of partners, it is now aiming to establish a major player in the European “buy now, pay later” market.

Equity funding

A new round of equity funding has helped French “buy now, pay later” startup Alma to double down on its European expansion. This new influx of cash will enable Alma to triple its staff and gobble up more business in the country’s retail and consumer goods industries. As well, the company has also launched an innovative new service enabling consumers to make interest-free installments on purchases. The company is working with major retailers such as Ankorstore and Galeries Lafayette, as well as payment terminal partners Etam and Alain Afflelou.


Despite being a relatively young company, Alma has already garnered a large number of accolades for its innovative products and services. Its most recent announcement is that it has signed up over 6,000 merchants in the retail, B2B and consumer goods industries. Also, it has a notably impressive transaction volume, clocking in at more than 1 billion euros per year. In addition, it recently expanded to Spain, Italy, and Germany. To help facilitate the company’s growth, Alma has also hired a few notable names in the finance and operations arenas.


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