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If you’re starting an e-commerce or software-as-a-service business,Agentsync 25m 220mkonradforbes there are several new credit opportunities out there. For example, you can raise money from investors by offering them equity and a debt line, which will help you fund your business. But you’ll also need to make sure you have a solid business model, an understanding of the industry, and the ability to pay your bills.

Founders and investors

One of the best ways to meet founders and investors is at TechCrunch Live. It’s an event where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and investors listen to their stories. And this week, we’re thrilled to have DoubleVerify CEO Oren Netzer speak. He’ll be joined by Snorkel AI co-founder Alex Ratner.

We’ll also hear from Caribou, which offers a digital car insurance marketplace. A company like that can help people take control of their car payments. Another is UnDosTres, a Mexican fintech company. Their service lets you pay for entertainment purchases and airtime top-ups. They’ve also just raised $30 million in Series B funding led by IDC Investments.

In Europe, we’ve seen examples of capital-as-a-service, such as Karmen and Uncapped. These startups are allowing their clients to pay their bills directly, using a traditional monthly plan, but they also have the ability to allocate a percentage of their revenue toward repayments.

The next time you’re in the market for a startup investor, make sure to ask them about the networks they can help you form. Generally, they’ll have a global network and business experience. But it’s also important to find someone who has a personal relationship with the founders.

Business model

This week, Silvr (the company, not the snazzy startup) made waves with its $20.6 million Series A round of financing. In this particular fund-raising round, it got big fishes from investors ranging from the venerable Y Combinator to the storied and storied XAnge. The company has been busy in the fintech arena, announcing the launch of a $128 million debt line that will be used for its nascent lending operations. It’s also a veritable goldmine of aggressive tech-savvy clients, with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon among them. The company, which is in its infancy, is a worthy successor to its kinks and has already penned up one hundred clients, a number that will only continue to grow over time.


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