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The 750m Capital Coup D’Etat

The news of a 750m capital coup d’etat is causing a lot of talk Ceo Basecamplyons Theverge
. And, it’s not just a single company that’s taking a hit. Several of the big players in the Silicon Valley are getting hit. This includes Alkeon Capital, Hercules Capital, SVB Capital, and others. It’s an important story that’s likely to have a major impact on tech investors.

Alkeon Capital

Alkeon Capital Management is a global equity market hedge fund with offices in New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. The firm is led by general partner Deepak Ravichandran, CFO George Mykoniatis, and Jennifer Wendy Shufro.

Alkeon’s Funds include the Select Series Strategy, Growth Asia Strategy, and the Growth Strategy. The Growth Strategy is an investment vehicle that began operations in January 1998 and has been managed by Takis Sparaggis, who was the primary portfolio manager of another investment vehicle before starting Alkeon.

All of the information provided in this document has not been reviewed or audited by an independent auditor. It has been prepared as of the date of the document, and may change as a result of market fluctuations, exposures, and changes in economic conditions.

Silicon Valley Bank

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably know about Silicon Valley Bank. But if you’re not, then you may not be aware of all they have to offer. From innovative investment vehicles to strategic advisory services, Silicon Valley Bank has your financial needs covered. The bank’s New York office, and online and mobile apps, make it easy to manage your money.

Silicon Valley Bank also boasts one of the largest portfolios of credit cards in the industry. They’re a reliable partner for a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them grow, expand, and achieve their goals. For instance, AEye, a leading provider of intelligent adaptive LiDAR for mapping and tracking, is a prime example. During its tumultuous growth period, SVB stepped up to the plate and supported the company with both technical and financial expertise.

SVB Capital

A recent report from Bloomberg showed that SVB Capital has a hefty amount of money under management in their venture capital fund. The company also boasts a sizable portfolio of startups that are making waves in the information technology and life science industries. It also possesses a well-connected network that spans the globe. For instance, the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned has relationships with more than half of all venture-backed companies in the US.

Moreover, the company has a storied history in the venture capital space. Since 2012, they’ve raised six funds in the aforementioned aforementioned and a whopping $4.5 billion in total. Some of the largest VCs in the world are represented in their portfolio. In the last 24 months, the firm has made three primary commitments to venture capital funds.

Hercules Capital

Hercules Capital is an innovative financing firm that provides senior secured loans to innovative companies in life sciences and technology. The company is supported by some of the industry’s most high-profile venture capital firms. As a result, Hercules is the lender of choice for some of the fastest growing startups and high-growth companies in the country. In fact, it’s currently the largest specialty finance provider on the planet.

Hercules also boasts a plethora of other subsidiaries, including an asset management arm. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Hercules Adviser, is a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. A newly formed indirect subsidiary, Hercules Capital Funding Trust 2022-1, closed a private institutional offering of $50.0 million of notes due June 2025.

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