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Do I Need a Facebook Account to Use Instagram Ads?

If you’re running a Facebook business page, you can use your Instagram account to promote your business. Facebook offers you the ability to connect your ad campaigns to Facebook pages. To do this, follow these steps. Ensure that you’ve got admin access on your Facebook page. Lastly, remember that you need to have at least one Facebook ad account to run Instagram ads. To set up a Facebook ad campaign, sign in to Facebook’s Business Manager account and add your Instagram account.

If you have a Facebook business page, you can buy Instagram ads or manage them yourself. In order to maximize the efficiency of your ad campaigns, you should align your objectives with your audience. Define your target audience. Facebook offers two main approaches – narrow and broad. Using either one will depend on your goals and resources. In addition to the two main ad types, you can choose your audience by location, gender, age, and interest.

If you have a Facebook business page, you can use Instagram ads to drive traffic to your page or call-to-action button. These ads differ from the traditional display links because they don’t use a headline, a news feed link description, or a display link. In addition, Instagram ads can use slideshow ads with up to 10 images and music. You can upload existing slideshows or create your own. The slideshow creator in Facebook Ads Manager is easy to use. You can upload images and adjust settings as you choose. You can even choose a piece of music to accompany your slideshow.

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