GTA Online Casino – Daily Prize Wheel, Free Podium Car, and Treasure Hunt

If you are a GTA Online Casino regular on PTGAME24, you must have heard about the daily prize wheel, the free podium car, and the Treasure hunt. These offers have real life consequences. But you don’t have to take our word for it; check out our article for more details. It will help you find out how to play these games in the GTA Online Casino. You’ll also find out how to play the games and how to unlock the high roller outfit.

Daily prize wheel

The Daily prize wheel is one of the newest ways to earn GTA Online cash. Players can spin the wheel once a day and be rewarded with a Podium Vehicle. Although the vehicle will eventually vanish from the Casino floor, players can still win some cool prizes each day. The most popular prize, however, is the podium car, which rotates weekly and offers an average of one in twenty chances of winning.

The daily prize wheel can be frustrating if you don’t get lucky. You can always try again the next day. The daily prize wheel at 43. gta online casino has an option that saves your spin, so you don’t have to wait to try again. The wheel spins at different speeds, depending on the length of time the player waits. If you approach the wheel too soon after someone else’s spin, you will end up walking away without receiving a prize.

A better method is to simply wait for a 24 hour period and then spin until you hit the wedge. A lot of desirable items are available by waiting 24 hours for the daily prize wheel to spin until it hits the wedge. However, this method is not foolproof, and players should avoid exploiting it. However, it may be worth a try if you want to play GTA Online. Just be sure to wait at least 24 hours and don’t expect too many rewards in a short time.

Free podium car

To get your hands on a free podium car in GTA Online, visit the casino’s Lucky Wheel of สมัครบาคาร่า. There you have a one in 20 chance of winning the prize car, which is the Ubermacht Revolter, worth $1,610,000. The Lucky Wheel can also give you a discount on a vehicle for up to 48 minutes or for an entire in-game day. To check which discounts you’ve won, go to the Interaction Menu, Inventory, and Lucky Wheel Discounts.

To get your free podium car in GTA Online, try spinning the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino. The game refreshes the wheel once every seven days, so make sure to spin it once daily. If you win, you’ll be awarded with 20k RP for each day you win the car. The prize wheel is random and will rotate randomly each week. To win it, you must win at least two times in one week.

You can also get a free podium car by spinning the wheel every week. You can spin the wheel for seven days a week, which means that you can win a free podium car seven times. There are some tricks to game the wheel, but you can read our tips below to get the most out of this offer. We’ve also listed all previous and old Podium Cars on a separate page.

Treasure hunt

If you’re looking for a new way to play your favorite casino game on เว็บบาคาร่า, you might want to try a Treasure hunt at GTA Online Casino. There are many ways to complete a treasure hunt in GTA Online. The most fun is finding a clue to unlock a secret loot location. This activity will challenge your brain as you try to solve the puzzle. Using a mini-map, you can find clues by circling areas on the map.

One of the new game features is the virtual horse racing track. The casino has a Single Event that takes place every 5 minutes, and it’s easy to play against other players or compete with your friends. You’ll be rewarded with RP, and you can use your chips to buy outfits in the GTA Online Casino. Another game feature is hidden playing cards. You’ll find these cards scattered around Blaine County and Los Santos. Players who find all of these cards will receive RP and extra Chips.


Another fun way to earn extra cash is to participate in treasure hunts at GTA Online. These activities are easy to do, but you need to know where to find them. Luckily, players can track these events on Rockstar’s social network. You can also earn cash through scavenger hunts. In GTA Online, completing a treasure hunt will earn you GTA$! But make sure you don’t spend too much money! It’s definitely worth it!

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