How To Celebrate National Walking Month in Vacaville, California

Spring is officially here, and that means spending more time outdoors. Spend the month of May celebrating National Walking Month.

The American Health Association first introduced the annual initiative in 2007 to encourage more people to live a mindful, healthier lifestyle. The Heart Foundation reports that walking for at least a half hour each day can make it so you are 40% less likely to contract Type 2 Diabetes. You are also more protected from heart disease and stroke the more walking you do.

As a resident or visitor of Vacaville, California, there are many ways to get your walking in during National Walking Month. Here are the different ways to get out and get that fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun during your walks this month.

Walk To Your Destinations

If your destinations are close by, walk there instead of driving. You can get your exercise for the day as you run this quick errand down the street. Of course, if you have to do a big grocery haul, by all means, take the car!

All that walking can make you tired and feel the need to relax. Once you’re all settled in, kick back logon to Casino777 to enjoy your favorite roulette games from the comfort of your home. Remember to keep up with your walking regimen in between all that fun so you don’t lose sight of your health goals. It’s all about balance!

Walk Around a Park

Take a 30 to 60-minute walk around Andrews Park or another local park you are nearby. With about 17.9 acres of land, there are many places you can choose to walk in Andrews Park, depending on your preference.

Plus, the park is a central host of different community events throughout the year that can get your family out and about and away from in front of the screens at home. In between walks and enjoying local events, the kids can have fun on the playground. Meanwhile, you can take a break on the bench until you are ready to walk again.

Explore Downtown Vacaville

Park your car in a designated spot and explore Downtown Vacaville on foot with family and friends. Be sure to bring a utility cart to carry all of your purchases comfortably.

Find fresh produce at the downtown farmer’s market every Saturday morning during the spring and summer. This is a great option, especially if you are missing an essential ingredient for a dish you want to make at home during the coming week, but do not feel like stopping by the grocery store.

There are many things you can do during your walk in Downtown Vacaville:

  • Discover a new hairdo by visiting Bello Fiore Salon.
  • Have lunch at Ike’s Love and Sandwiches, Umi Sushi, Mary’s Pizza Shack, or Los Reyes Restaurante.
  • Stop for a treat at Cultive Frozen Yogurt.
  • Get a massage at A. Romo Therapy Massage when you need a break from all that exploring.
  • Bring your pet with you on the walk to visit Pawsh Place Veterinary and Boutique.
  • Shop various specialty clothing boutiques.

No matter if you decide to make any stops during your downtown walk or not, it’s a safer alternative to exercise here than on a busier road. Cars must go slower in downtown limits, so it will be easier to watch out for vehicles as a pedestrian celebrities net worth.

Make Time for a Walk During Spring and Summer

While National Walking Month is celebrated annually each May, make it a point to walk to your destinations as much as possible during spring and summer. It saves the environment from carbon gas emissions and helps you stay healthy.

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