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Is Technology Good For the Future?

Is technology good for the future? You may be asking yourself these questions. After all, it can make us much more productive, but it can also cause us to lose some jobs. In addition, new technologies can also cause new jobs to disappear. In fact, the use of personal computers has decreased the number of jobs for typographers and graphic designers. But new jobs are harder to imagine than those that will disappear.

Recent opinion surveys show that people have a mixed view of technology. While they are generally positive about the long-term benefits, people are concerned about the potential negative consequences, such as job security and material living standards. They are more likely to fear the future of technology if it threatens the quality of their lives. And in a more recent survey, the number of millennials is much higher than it was a few decades ago.

With the proliferation of 3D printers, people can now print their own parts. They can design car parts, aeroplane components, and replacement joints. They can even create board game pieces. And as 3D printers get cheaper, materials for them are also improving. The next generation of batteries and 3D printers will be made from graphene, a material that is lighter than air but 10 times stronger than steel. Smart refrigerators will soon become commonplace.

The potential of technological change has been well-documented. However, it has not been able to deliver on its promise of increasing economic growth and productivity. Instead, it has led to increasing income inequality and fears of the ‘robocalypse’. These fears are fueling a debate about whether technology is good for our future. If you disagree, here are some pros and cons. If you are concerned about the future of work, don’t be afraid to ask yourself, “Is technology good for the future?”

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