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Make Money From a YouTube Channel – What Categories Are the Most Popular on YouTube?

While it is possible to make money from a YouTube channel, you might want to focus on the entertainment category. This category has huge potential because of its large audience and easy to create new content in. Videos featuring pranks, life stories, and funny videos with animals are all gaining large followings. Of course, adding a funny video is not a trivial task. If you don’t own a funny pet, you can make use of other people’s videos.

Besides sharing entertainment and educational content, YouTubers can also promote their brands through video marketing. The to-do list-making tool Todoist invited a productivity expert to do an AMA session with the site’s audience. While AMA sessions are popular among big YouTube influencers, ordinary YouTubers can also participate in the discussions. The idea is to react to news stories as quickly as possible. The latest blogosphere developments and the lives of celebrities are also hot topics on YouTube.

Videos about celebrities and the people behind them are also popular on YouTube. Aside from entertainment and game-related videos, these categories also contain video content geared towards people. You can upload videos with tips on how to play a game or a celebrity talking about a topic. There are also videos aimed at promoting websites and popular websites. Videos in this category are high in demand and pay well. You can make money from a YouTube channel by creating informative videos on the topics of interest to your audience.

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