Omio’s Rome2rio Acquisition Will Boost Omio’s Global Expansion

The acquisition of Rome2rio by Omio is a big move in the travel industry, but it’s not the end of the story. Both companies have had disagreements over their future strategies. Although Rome2rio has stuck to its metasearch roots, Omio has expanded beyond metasearch to offer a full ticketing system. The two companies will now combine their strengths and services Densipaper.

The acquisition is expected to boost the company’s global expansion plans. Currently, the app serves customers in more than 80 countries and partners with more than 800 transport operators. Eventually, the company plans to extend its reach beyond Europe and into other modes of transportation. However, it’s unclear how the merger will affect the company’s operations magazines2day.

Omio, a multimodal travel company based in Melbourne, Australia, has acquired Rome2rio. The deal is worth an undisclosed amount, but local media has put the price at $40 million. The Australian company has been operating since 2010 and has 18 million monthly users. Omio and Rome2rio will work together to create a better travel experience for users lifestylemission.

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