The Caveman Or Paleo Diet Food List

The Caveman or Paleo diet is a way of eating that requires only foods that our ancestors would have consumed. These foods are often found in the outside aisles of grocery stores and farmers’ markets, and are very low in processed sugar and sodium. The caveman diet emphasizes grass-fed meat and poultry, and avoids processed products. It is also important to choose organic and free-range produce when possible.

The Paleo Diet lists meats as a staple in meals, and it’s possible to find some delicious cuts of meat in your local supermarket. You should also look for wild boar meat if possible, as it’s leaner and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. The caveman or paleo diet allows lobster, although it’s expensive. Lamb is another meat on the list, but is higher in fat than beef. If you can find it, try eating it as a chop or shank. Lamb’s flavor is higher than beef’s, so you can enjoy it on a regular basis.

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The caveman or paleo diet does require more physical activity, meditation, and travel to find food. Compared to the ketogenic diet, it’s easier to follow and requires less preparation. It also allows you to prepare several large pots of soup or stews, which will be your meals for several days. While the caveman or paleo diet has some similarities to the ketogenic diet, it has fewer risks and more realistic eating plans.

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