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The Impact of Technology on Society

Today’s most innovative companies recognize the impact of technology on society. By incorporating technology into their business models, they are able to address society’s greatest challenges and improve the lives of individuals and organizations. Companies like JanSport are taking advantage of this new technology to make everyday items like backpacks into fashionable accessories. Moreover, their purpose places ethical sourcing at the heart of their business. They pledge not to source materials from suppliers who harm the environment or exploit workers.

The definition of technology is vast and includes everything from tools and machines to computers and even clothing. It also includes techniques such as the mapping of gene locations. In 1937, Read Bain gave the term “technology” a broad definition, and it is still used by many scholars today. Other examples include chimpanzees, dolphin communities, crows, and even beavers and bees. It’s not just computers and gadgets that help humans: non-human primates also use basic technology to improve their survival and quality of life.

Modern technological systems are remarkably reliable, but the use of such technologies has side effects. For example, refrigerators have a positive effect on our diets and food distribution systems. However, their leaks contribute to substantial adverse impacts on the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, we have to consider the impact of all technologies on our society before we develop them. But this doesn’t mean that we should be avoiding them altogether.

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