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Useful Tips for Online Shoppers

Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to buy goods and services on the go. For many people who live in places where the stores are located in far-off locations, e-commerce websites and stores are more than a blessing. But buying goods and services can be a little complicated as well.

One of the major reasons is that there are many risks that can be linked with online shopping.  For example, Identity theft, chargeback fraud, parcel fraud, account hacking, and phishing scams are some threats that online shoppers should be careful about.

There are so many ways to make sure that you are buying from authentic sources and using the right websites to buy goods and services. You can look for different ways and indicators that can help you identify red flags and opportunities when you are shopping online. You can look for such sources using WOW internet services.

For WOW, you might want to use WOW Internet Packages to make your shopping experience more feasible, as it provides you with stable internet signals. For now, let’s have a look at the different tips you can use to make your online shopping experience better.

Shop from Websites That Say HTTPS on the URL

When you are shopping from an online store, make sure you are visiting a website that has HTTPS in the beginning. This is an indicator that all your details are covered and secured by basic TLS encryption. However, HTTPS websites are not entirely secure. But if the admin has trouble implementing HTTPS to make your data secure, you must know that they have taken an important step on their website for customers and visitors.


Be Careful If You See URL Shorteners

Many marketers love to use URL shorteners. This is because they want to make their URLs that are long have long tracking codes. These are also used by different scammers as well. These malicious elements use URL shorteners to hide the actual URL that they want to send to a target user. You might come across ads that show up as a flashy deal and have a shortened URL. If you are in doubt, make sure that you head straight to the brand’s official website and check for authenticity.

Not all URL shorteners are scams but if you think that this could be a scam or a URL spoofing attempt, then you must not tap or click on it.

Make Sure the Store Website You Have is Authentic

Before you try to enter or insert a URL on your browser, make sure that you are entering the authentic website. Do not input any personal or financial information unless you are 100 percent sure about the store’s name. For instance, SONY and SOANY are not the same. Hackers and other malicious are always on the lookout for an opportunity to scam you and redirect you to the wrong website or spoof you. Do not anyone outsmart you as this can be a very serious concern for you. This can also cost you your money and other important information that might be of great value to you.

Monitor your Bank Statements

It might sound a bit cliché to you, but you should always keep a track of all your purchases and the things you pay for. This can help you identify discrepancies on the bank’s end. Also, you can identify any kind of hacks or any kind of unethical business practices that you are supposed to respond to immediately.

One of the best ways to do so is to use your business app and add notification features that alert you whenever you or anybody else makes a withdrawal or your card gets used by someone who is not authorized to use it.

Never Shop Using Public Wi-Fi

If it is possible, try to avoid shopping online using a public WI-Fi network. Public Wi-Fis are perfect places for different scammers and hackers to get their work done without getting detected. One of the main reasons is that public Wi-Fi has less or no security and public computers are highly insecure and have a weak connection. But there are different ways to secure these networks. Use a VPN as it gets you a more secure network and encrypts your connection.


In the end, one can say that shopping online is so convenient for users throughout the world. All you need to do is look for some common things that can help you get a secure shopping experience and better deals to avail.


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