What Chicken Kick Today? Revealing How to Watch 100% Standard Chicken Live

See network color to identify what cock fighting today important or not? Does it really affect the battle or the outcome of the bet? In fact, many professional cockroaches still believe that the art of the five elements has a great connection to everything in life, including cockfighting. If you are also interested in this issue, let’s Discover how to watch chicken net today.

Where does today’s trend of cockfighting begin?

Since 1902, nThanks to the nom translation of Ke Kinh into Luc bowl poetry, by the famous writer Nguyen Phung Lam, many people have known about the magic of seeing the color of the rooster. This work appeared in Nong-co min-dham newspaper in both Chinese and Nom languages, contributing to the popularization of the color vision of the cock’s web.


What’s the trend to watch today

The content of the rooster network color view consists of four main parts. The first is the feather coloring section, where the color of the feathers is specifically reported. Next is the engraved sun god, depicting elements related to the date of birth and the guardian idol. The four times of birth and birth are an important part, presenting information about lucky and difficult times in life.

Finally, the analysis what cock fighting today  based on the color of the rooster, accompanied by the corresponding onion as the final highlight of this view. Thereby, people better understand the relationship between coat color and destiny, thereby applying it to daily life.

How to analyze  what cock fighting today  is based on the five elements

In the five elements, there exists a mutualistic and contrasting relationship between the colors. Mastering this rule will help choose the correct color of the cock’s net today, thereby bringing success and victory in the match. Specifically:

Golden Rooster

The par-kim rooster usually has metallic white or yellow plumage, sometimes with some swallow-colored chickens. In this case, choose chickens with feather colorsteel upper and have additional yellow or white pin color which will increase their needle properties.

Here are some examples of rooster colors in par kim for you to know what cock fighting today :

  • Swallow chicken
  • Butterfly chicken
  • Chicken rot
  • Fluffy chicken
  • Banana chicken

How to analyze today’s cockfighting

Rooster network of destiny

The roosters bearing the par wood often have gray plumage, mixed with the color of collar and horse feathers, creating a delicate and pure beauty. If you want to keep purebred cocks, carefully choose chickens with gray feathers, along with gray or blue legs to enhance the harmonious and balanced beauty.

And you don’t know what cock fighting today , choose one of the following rooster colors for the Moc par:

  • Gray chicken
  • Owl chicken
  • Gray chicken owl
  • Green cashew chicken
  • Gray cashew chicken
  • Banana Gray Chicken
  • Butterfly Gray Chicken

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What is the cock fighting today?

In the world of roosters, chickens with a par-shui cock are always impressed by their distinctive black plumage or umbrella color. Based on the color symbolizing par water, ie blue, but because chickens cannot bear this color, black and umbrella colors were chosen to represent par water.

To enhance the aquatic character of the chicken, combine black or umbrella plumage with blue, white, yellow or lead leg colors. Here are some types of chickens that have a chicken network of destiny:

  • Green chicken
  • Oh chicken
  • Green stick chicken
  • Black banana chicken
  • Black sesame owl chicken

What is the cock fighting today?

If you want to choose fire destiny, what cock fight today?

Fire – a symbol of heat and explosion, reflected in the colors red, orange, pink and purple in everything, including the cock. However, the feathers of fighting cocks are usually only red, so to raise pure fighting cocks of par fire, the cocker spaniel only needs to focus on choosing chickens with burgundy, red yellow or pure red feathers. Here are some types of fighting chickens belonging tofate Fire:

  • Cashew chicken
  • Red cashew chicken
  • Fire banana chicken
  • Fire owl chicken
  • Red burnt chicken

How to choose chicken destiny

Choose earth destiny what cock fighting today ? Referring to par earth, we cannot help but think of the earthy brown color. With this destiny, the feathers of the chickens are often adorned with earthy yellow, earthy brown colors and also indispensable for cashew color. To enhance the earthiness of chickens, choose the ones with the color of feathers and legs in combination with earthy yellow, earth brown, and cashew colors.

The most suitable option for the sorcerer/keeper at the moment is:

  • Burnt chicken
  • Fried chicken with milk
  • Golden owl chicken
  • Turmeric Chicken
  • Golden Rooster
  • Golden cashew chicken

Seeing the chicken’s network doesn’t seem important, but if it can be determined what cock fighting today  Based on the five elements, you will surely be surprised by the results achieved. Also, to be able to win big and continuously, visit789BET for more cockfighting tips.

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