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In Washington State, Home Inspectors are required to undergo a licensing requirement. This licensing requirement encompasses 120 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of Field Training. To get started, find a Washington State Accredidted Inspector School, such as http://highlandhomeinspect.com/washingon-home-inspector-training-classes/. Washington Professional Home Inspector School offers a two week course for the highly motivated individuals as well as a night course for those that work for a living. The night course is 12 weeks. The course is taught with PROVEN curriculm to help you retain the information required to pass the National Exam. The instructors are leaders in their feild. To recieve a Certificate of Completion, the final exam is taken with a passing score of at least 70%. After the course, 40 hours of field training is required. WAPHIS gets the students on actual inspections with multiple inspectors to learn all perspectives of the field. Learn more at https://highlandhomeinspect.com/home-inspector-field-training/. Once you have completed the 120 hour course and 40 hours of Field Training you will take the National and State exam.

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