Why It Is Safer To Sell BTC to AUD Face To Face than Selling Bitcoin Online

Investments may fluctuate significantly and you may not recoup all of the amount invested. Before making any decisions regarding investing, consult a professional.

Opt for sell crypto Australia exchange that is licensed and registered with ASIC/AUSTRAC. Some options that can be considered are – two reliable services with ASIC licenses and AUSTRAC registration.

It’s Faster

If you want to convert Bitcoin quickly and efficiently into Australian Dollars, find an exchange with an efficient process for doing so. Look for one with excellent reviews that provides quick deposits and withdrawals while accepting various payment types with low fees.

As it stands, sell bitcoin Australia provides numerous excellent options when it comes to selling crypto in Australia. Of these is probably – an ASIC and AUSTRAC licensed cryptocurrency exchange offering quick deposit/withdrawal processes free from fees or delays.

Simply select BTC/AUD from the left side of the exchange, enter an amount, and click “Trade.” Your money can then be sent directly to your nominated bank account with no fees and near instantaneous processing times – much faster and safer than meeting with strangers in public places where scams could leave you without both your crypto and cash!

It’s Safer

After reaching its all-time peak of over $90,000. Bitcoin has seen its value plummet to under $23,000 AUD since late 2021 and this dramatic fall has caused many in the crypto industry to quickly liquidate their BTCs for fiat currency.

However, meeting strangers in unknown environments to sell your Bitcoin for cash can be dangerous. The safest way to sell it would be through an established cryptocurrency exchange in Australia that provides AUD trading pairs at competitive fees.

As another option, P2P platforms offer buyers and sellers direct communication. Escrow services ensure both parties are completely satisfied before disbursing funds; however, this method may not be as safe. Finally, Bitcoin ATMs in Australia can also help convert cryptocurrency to fiat money – although not as securely as selling through regulated exchanges, but still a quick and easy way of cashing out.

It’s Easier

Bitcoin has become an increasingly popular payment method in Australia, with both online retailers and restaurants and cafes accepting it. However, unlike traditional currencies like dollars or euros, bitcoin does not qualify as legal tender and must therefore be taxed as property under Australian law.

This year has been difficult for digital asset investors, with Bitcoin plunging from its all-time highs to $23,000 AUD by December. This drop was precipitated by several events: Terra’s collapse; crypto exchange FTX’s liquidation and closure, plus an economic decline leading to higher interest rates affecting risk assets like Bitcoin.

Australians looking to trade Bitcoin for cash have an easy solution by visiting Bitcoin Dealers. Our secure, safe and hassle-free system enables people to turn their cryptocurrency into fiat currency through face-to-face transactions at our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide business hubs.

It’s More Convenient

Selling Bitcoins for cash in Australia can be done using several means, most involving using an exchange that is both regulated and reliable.

For instance, is ASIC and AUSTRAC registered, making them safer and simpler to use than ever. Plus they provide fast withdrawal methods directly into an Australian bank account at near instantaneous speed while charging only 0.6% fee to convert BTC to AUD.

One option for buying or selling cryptocurrency in Australia is through Bitcoin ATMs, located throughout Australia. These machines allow users to buy or sell cryptocurrency with cash but may require providing your phone number in order to operate, making the transactions not entirely anonymous.


To sell Bitcoins for cash in Australia, the easiest and safest method is to visit an accredited and secure Bitcoin dealership. This will avoid meeting strangers in unsafe places and risk becoming the victim of scams that leave neither your Bitcoin nor money.

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